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Accelerate your digital transformation by connecting your machines.


Are we achieving the full potential of the factory?

Visibility between the shop floor and the top floor is a major challenge that affects productivity and the improvement of manufacturing operations. Since most manufacturing companies still carry out conventional operations, capturing and reporting on the machine and operator data on a daily basis can be a big challenge. 


Given the fact that only 20% of the machines have networking capability, bridging the gap between OT (machines) and IT (ERP systems) is a major challenge. Given the situation, the supervisor must manually monitor and track operator and machine data every day and update it for decision-makers.  As a result of this time-consuming and backbreaking process, factory managers have fewer and inaccurate data from which to make decisions. 

Work Order tracking is another key area where many manufacturing plants struggle to gather data and take proactive decisions.

Work Order planning, job distribution, and monitoring require effort and are heavily paper-driven, thereby hampering the effectiveness of several performance improvement efforts. 

Improving equipment efficiency and reducing unplanned downtimes can be a challenge. There is a significant financial and operational impact of unplanned downtime, such as instant repair costs and labor fees.


Convergence is here. IoT,  AI, and Cloud are bridging the gap between Operational Technology and Information Technology, bringing smart capabilities into your factory operations. Manufacturers now can get a grip on their operational data. Unreliable and inaccurate manual data collection can be a thing of the past. Companies can get a better understanding of their unplanned downtimes. It is now possible for decision makers to communicate effectively with their clients about the status of their work orders

Gain visibility, and leverage insights to drive operational efficiency from your factory floor to the board room.


Connect. Analyse.
Harness Insights.

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Fogwing Manufacturing Cloud by Factana

Fogwing Industrial Cloud by FACTANA is a comprehensive cloud platform for Industry 4.0 solutions. Whether you want monitor machine health condition, production performance, industrial automation or transform your traditional factory into smart factory. Fogwing provides everything required.

Inbuilt Industrial Automation solutions in the platform provide easy integration with industrial equipment for real-time performance tracking, visibility, and process automation with the power of artificial intelligence.

Your entire shop floor can be connected online within a few hours. It won't take long for you to see how efficiently your operations are running, identify hidden obstacles that undermine your performance, and make tangible improvements.


If you can measure it you can definitely improve it

Comprehensive Platform for Industry 4.0

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Fogwing IIoT is a comprehensive and no-code IIoT Platform that provides foundational support to manage all your IIoT devices and infrastructure. 

The platform's core features provides the ability to build IoT Solutions for variety of usecases. Key features include Device Agnostic, IoT Network (Cellular, LoRaWAN, WIFI, Sigfox, and NB-IoT), Cloud Storage, Data Rules, Alerts, Commands, Data Analytics, and Visualization.

Digital connectivity
  • Provision and manage your IOTs
  • Analyze your IoT Data

IIoT as a Service

Built to meet all IoT based automation requirements.
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Fogwing Asset+ is an AIoT solution that connects machines and equipment, collects usage data, and detects asset conditions, and performance metrics using IoT.  It can also monitor energy consumption or any other productivity metric that is vital for operations. 


Asset+ is leverages the Fogwing IIoT platform to provide its monitoring capabilities via custom dashboard, asset analytics with various metrics, controls, maintenance registry, alerts, and data exporter

AI-Powered Asset Management
  • Asset Health Monitoring
  • Proactive maintenance - Improved Preventive and Predictive by harnessing accurate data and analytics

Asset Productivity and Condition Monitoring

Access real-time asset utilization trends and health data. Predict and prevent machine failures.
sfactrix (1).png
sfactrixai (1).png

Digitization is key but it is not sufficient to drive operational efficiency. Intelligence needs to be leveraged to drive the required results.  - MOM/MES Software for smart production provides the intelligence and all features required to run lean manufacturing operations. 


The inbuilt AI-based Manufacturing Intelligence module provides Performance KPIs like OEE, Downtime Alerts, Loss-based Metrics, Scrap Trends, Work Order tracking, and Quality management metrics.

MES for Smart Production
  • Work Order and Job Management
  • Parts, Materials and BOM management
  • Track Performance (OEE) and Operational Metrics

Production Excellence

Digitize your shopfloor operations for agility, operational excellence, higher quality compliance and maximum ROI.

All-in-One turnkey solution on subscription basis

Sfactrix-architech_Flow (1).gif

Integration of Industrial IoT with Manufacturing Execution Systems allows data acquisition on the availability, performance, and productivity of machines

To produce process metrics, operators' inputs captured from digital devices (mobile and tablet apps) will be processed by a centralized data processing engine. For real-time visibility into manufacturing processes, all manufacturing stakeholders have access to real-time process data from anywhere via mobile apps.

Smart MES as Service 

Secure and Cloud hosted. No upfront investment and low operational expenses

Accessible from anywhere. Mobile and Web application. No HMI required. Entire operations in your fingertips.

Leverage existing infrastructure. Connects to IoTs, PLC and other enterprise applications

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